The 30 day challenge

12:46 PM

A couple of weeks ago a friend suggested we start the 30 day challenge.
We both felt sluggish, haven't actually moved ourselves in a while and needed some motivation. Bikini season is almost over and soon we'll be eating comfort food and listening to the glorious sound of rain coming down.
So we decided we'd each choose our own workouts, start the same day, sign in each evening and cheer each other on. 3 other friends joined in and we've been sharing stories between us. Each of us has had her hard day when she just didn't feel like it. But by midnight, everyone had checked in with their "I'm done!"
Now, I'm not sure how much this will actually help in getting fit, or anywhere really. But I am sure that doing these sit ups or planks won't do any harm.
I decided to add some Barre workouts as well, hoping to see some sort of difference by the end of our 30 days.
Having friends to lean on and cheer you on is so important when doing something like this.
A few years ago I was on the Candida diet. I lasted 4 months, but caved one afternoon after another co-worker joked and laughed at my "dull lunch". I'm not sure why I didn't just listen to my tummy and body which were more than happy being sugarless for that long, but having support is such a big factor.
We all decided that after these 30 days we'll be looking for something more serious to do together. One is in the middle of a Paleo diet and swears by it. Maybe I'll be able to go back to my sugarfree diet. The power of teamwork!

- Check out some amazing overnight oatmeal recipes. These are great for putting together and just grabing before you head out to work the next day.
My favorite is blueberries, chia seeds and some maple sugar. Simple and yummy.

- I just watch TV when I do my squats/pushups/whatever, but if I went to the gym I would totally have these songs on my playlist!

- I need this book.

- Signed up to be let known when this gorgeous mustard dress is back in stock.

- My 9 month old is teething and going on a hunger strike. I'll give these muffins try in a few days, hopefully they'll be a hit!

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