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Binding off (finally)

12:38 PM

About a year and a half ago I started this baby quilt.
And when I say baby, I mean, it's a teeny quilt. There is no excuse as to why it took me THIS long. Actually, I do know why it took me forever. I just wasn't that into it.

I'm not sure why. The fabrics are cheery and fun. The pattern isn't too complex, but isn't too simple it would bore me. I was just struggling with loving it.

I think all in all it took me about two weeks to complete the top, and then it sat for a good year waiting for the filling. I kept seeing it on my table, folded up nicely. Waiting, and I piled some more stuff on top, trying to forget I needed to complete it.
But then, one weekend, I just sat down, pinned everything together, and starting sewing everything together. I knew it had to be done and I just couldn't put it off anymore.

The whole binding process took about a day. Since it's so itty bitty it was super quick. And you know what, I actually love the finished product. It's so bright and fun, simple and still looks somewhat difficult (to the non quilter lol!).

I always have a rule, don't do something you really really love, or it will never get done. I have too many projects laying around the house that I just can't get past that certain point. Not because I don't love the fabric or yarn, or project, but because I wasen't 100% sure I wanted to do it in the first place.

Do what you love. Not a cliché!

Fabrics are all from Cloud 9 fabrics, from the Arcadia line by Sarah Watson


11:43 AM

I've put my illustration "hobby" aside for now and have been focusing more on sewing and knitting.
It might have something to do with my first sale (yay! and great feedback) and then another sale just a few days later!
It's actually a special request order, and we built the quilt around her boys likes and room color. I'm really exciting about it. It's more of a plain design, which is definitely not me, I'm more into the-more complex-the-merrier! but it is fun to work per request and have someone ekse tell you how THEY want it to look. Plus a bunting to go with, so that should be fun.
I've looked into some craft fairs, but I have to stock up on my inventory. I'm currently knitting a blanket and finishing of the binding for a stroller quilt. Whew! And I plan on completing another quilt this week. lot's to do! My mod is racing.

I've been having a couple of rough weeks, both work and personal life, I know it always comes round the same time of the year, when we have a ton of work and I feel like I'm just cracking under all the pressure. I know that in the beginning of March I might be getting promoted to a different position. That definitely helps me keep going.
I felt like work-wise I was pretty stuck, and starting to get a move on my life outside of work, rally helped me get out of my muck.

All in all I feel pretty good and confident in what I'm doing and selling. Which is more important, right? well, that and sales and a happy customer!

This weekend was rainy and gloomy, so no pictures of anything at all. Hopefully by next weekend it will be sunnier and I'll have two projects to photograph and put up for sale.

Hope you have a wonderful and warm and cozy weekend!


Struggling with creativity

12:37 AM

I'm working on some milestone cards right now. Getting back to illustrating has been difficult.
I used to hand draw everything, scan it, and then go over it with so many changes in illustrator. Looking back at some of my before work, I don't know how I actually drew it, or even thoguht of the idea.
It feels like my head is blank. No ideas. No inspiration.

Now work

I'm really struggling, and it feels horrible. I signed up to some online doodling/sketchbook courses, but I feel like I'm not actually getting anywhere. The pen and pad used to be my favorite tool and I filled my sketchbook up within a week, now I have the same pad for... It's embarrassing to say how long.

Then work

I can't remember what the trick, or secret is. I feel like I'm missing out on something.
I try to go through pinterest and save some of my favorite pictures, trying to figure out why I like it so much, what inspires me, the colors, but I truly feel like I'm at a dead end.

I'm going to try a weekly drawing challenge, hopefully that can help me actually sit and draw/sketch/doodle.
Hopefully that will help bring back my creativity and confidence in what I do.
This feeling really stinks :-/

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