11:43 AM

I've put my illustration "hobby" aside for now and have been focusing more on sewing and knitting.
It might have something to do with my first sale (yay! and great feedback) and then another sale just a few days later!
It's actually a special request order, and we built the quilt around her boys likes and room color. I'm really exciting about it. It's more of a plain design, which is definitely not me, I'm more into the-more complex-the-merrier! but it is fun to work per request and have someone ekse tell you how THEY want it to look. Plus a bunting to go with, so that should be fun.
I've looked into some craft fairs, but I have to stock up on my inventory. I'm currently knitting a blanket and finishing of the binding for a stroller quilt. Whew! And I plan on completing another quilt this week. lot's to do! My mod is racing.

I've been having a couple of rough weeks, both work and personal life, I know it always comes round the same time of the year, when we have a ton of work and I feel like I'm just cracking under all the pressure. I know that in the beginning of March I might be getting promoted to a different position. That definitely helps me keep going.
I felt like work-wise I was pretty stuck, and starting to get a move on my life outside of work, rally helped me get out of my muck.

All in all I feel pretty good and confident in what I'm doing and selling. Which is more important, right? well, that and sales and a happy customer!

This weekend was rainy and gloomy, so no pictures of anything at all. Hopefully by next weekend it will be sunnier and I'll have two projects to photograph and put up for sale.

Hope you have a wonderful and warm and cozy weekend!

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